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As of 2013, the Thurston Nature Center features 68 Native Michigan tree species and 30 others. The Nature Center has:

  • An active "adopt-a-tree" program so that people can help care for the trees around the Nature Center (contact Mike Conboy at 665-4027)

  • Check out the Thurston Nature Center's new Tree Labels .

  • A new Tree Pal program to create an online library of information on the trees.

Thanks to Mr. Mike Conboy (pictured at right) for his excellent stewardship of the Thurston Nature Center trees.

Mike Conboy
Map of some Noteworthy Trees in Thurston Nature Center Spring 2013

tree map

List of Trees

Tree                  Coordinates on Map Above (need to work on this column) GPS Coordinates (coming soon)

Link toPhoto (coming with the Tree Pal Program)

Adopted By (list not 100% complete, thx to all who've adopted trees)
Alder B3      
Apple A4      
Ash - Blue B5   Photo of Blue Ash Teresa Wiseman
Ash -Green A5      
Ash - White A5      
Aspen - Bigtooth A3      
Aspen - Trembling A1     Tom Edsall
Balsam Fir B4      
Basswood - American B4     Greg & Karen Lang
Basswood - European D2      
Beech, American B5


83.701.91 W

Photo of American Beech Howard Schafer
Birch - White B5      
Birch - River B4   Photo of River Birch Tree Pam Toner
Black Gum B2      
Black Locust B4      
Blue Beech B2      
Boxelder A5      
Buckthorn B3      
Buttonbush B3      
Butternut B4

42.307.87 N

83.701.74 W

Photos of Butternut Tree Larry Briggs
Catalpa C5

42.18.29 N
83.42.07 W

  Neal Foster
Cedar - Red A4     Eyster Family and Mel Larson
Cedar - White A5     Jim Breck
Cherry - Black B1     Madelaine Conboy
Cherry - Choke A4      
Cherry - Pin C2      
Cherry - Sweet A3      
Chestnut B4     Tim Markel
Cottonwood B4      
Cypress, Bald C3

42.308.81 N


Photo of Bald Cypress Tree  
Dogwood - Flowering B1      
Dogwood - Gray D4      
Dogwood - Red Osier B4      
Dogwood - Silky B5      
Elm - American A4      
Elm - Rock C4      
Elm - Siberian C5      
Ginkgo B4     Georgia Epperson
Hackberry B5   Photo of Hackberry Bark  
Hawthorn - Fan Leaf C5      
Hawthorn - Washington B5      
Hemlock A4   Photo of Hemlock Vickie Botek
Hickory - Pignut B1      
Hickory - Shagbark C1

42.309.91 N

83.701.26 W

Photo of Shagbark Hicory  
Honey Locust B5      
Honeysuckle C2      
Horsechestnut A5      
Ironwood C1

42.307.88 N

83.701.92 W

Photo of Ironwood Tree  
Kentucky Coffee C5     Linda&Mark Salisbury
Locust A5      
Maple - Azur A5      
Maple - Norway A4      
Maple - Red A5      
Maple - Silver D5      
Maple - Sugar A2      
Mulberry A4      
Oak- Black C1     David Sponseller
Oak - Bur D4   Photos of Bur Oak Tree Larry Briggs
Oak - Chinquapin D4   Photos of Chinquapin Oak Tree Larry Briggs
Oak - English C5     Teresa Wiseman
Oak - Pin D5   Photos of Pin Oak  
Oak - Red C1      
Oak - Scarlett C5      
Oak - Shingle C2

42.309.79 N

83.700.97 W

Photo of Shingle Oak Kathy Ann Moilanen
Oak - Swamp White D4      
Oak - White B1

42.309.81 N

83.701.01 W

Photo of White Oak Lionell Hamilton
Olive- Autumn D5      
Olive - Russian A5      
PawPaw B4     Neal Foster
Pear C5      
Pine - Black B5      
Pine - Lace Bark D5      
Pine - Red B5      
Pine - Scotch D5      
Pine - White B4     Priscilla Spencer
Plum A3      
Redbud A3   Photo of Redbud Tree  
Sassafras B5   Photo of Sassafras Tree  
Spruce - Black B4      
Spruce - Blue       Jim&David Vallem
Spruce - Northern A4      
Spruce - Norway B5      
Spruce - White D4      
Dawn Redwood D5      
Sumac C4     Pricilla Spencer
Sweetgum B4      
Sycamore D4   Photo of Sycamore  
Tamarack B4     Katie Richter
Tuliptree B4     Heidi Koester
Wahoo D4      
Walnut - Black B2      
Witch-hazel B2      
Willow - Black D4      
Willow - Corkscrew D2      
Willow - Pussy D4      
Willow - Sandbar D3      
Willow - Weeping C4   Photo of Weeping Willow Ilana Miller