Thurston Nature Center Committee Minutes-9/15/2003

Next meeting-Monday Oct 20th at 7:00pm
People attending-Heidi Koester-Dave Szczygiel-Janet Baty--Mike Conboy-Vicki Botek- Bram vanLeer-Lia vanLeer-Neal R Foster-Michelle & Jake Christiansen-Dave Miller-Elsa Stuber*

Land Goals
Fall TNC WORKDAYS discussed-Update below
Hi all,
Regarding plans for our fall workdays, Vicki just let me know that Oct 18th and 25th are home football Saturdays.  So there really isn't a late-October weekend that meet our original criterion of being a non-football day. However, now that I think about it, I'm not so sure that a home game day is so bad -- after all, if you're not at the game, you're probably not out running errands or doing other things around town.

Let me know if you think the 18/19 or 25/26 weekends might work, despite being football Saturdays, and which one you prefer.  I'll pass the info on to Mike.  Thanks,

   Poison Ivy control along trails discussed- Mowing or weed whipping may be postponed until cooler dates when there is less traffic at the pond. Discussed use of chemical control. Randy Trent should be consulted if on AAPS property

   Eagle scout projects discussed
Approved eagle scout Chris to start invasive a trash removal. Will wait to approve kiosk or display. Scout Jake Christensen will be working with Mike Conboy to learn about tree care, and he will then be in a position to help get Adopt A Tree volunteers up and running.  This will involve contacting people who've shown interest, setting up times to meet with them for an orientation, showing them some basic principles about what to do. Jake intends to stick with the project even after his required 10 hours are up.

      Adopt a Tree Program discussed.

Bird House "custodian" discussed
Lia vanLeer would like a someone to care for the swallows house. The person will need to trained in the fine art of bird custodian.

     GO! Outdoors grant discussed

        Grant could help with outdoor work at Thurston Pond. Dave Szczygiel is on the GO! Outdoors advisory committee and will bring TNC work ideas (Adopt a tree, chipping invasive pull, native planting etc.....) to the committee for discussion. Below is a thank you and summary from the grant from the AAPS superintendent, Dr. Fornero.

This Week
In the Ann Arbor Public Schools
September 15, 2003
Grant News! - The Ann Arbor Public Schools received a grant of $200,000 for support to establish GO! Outdoors, a citywide outdoor education program for children and families.  GO! Outdoors will involve children and their families in outdoor learning and recreation activities before and after school, on weekends and during the summer recess.  The program will be based at Lakewood Elementary School and will make use of various outdoor sites throughout Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County, including schools, neighborhood parks, nature areas and community centers.  The project seeks to replace passive indoor activities (TV, video games) with constructive outdoor activities, to promote children's sustained physical activity and interest in the natural world, to strengthen the involvement of adult family members, mentors and naturalists in the lives of children, and to strengthen collaboration among the school district, community organizations and environmental groups in ways that benefit children.  The Ecology Center, Kensington Metro Park and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) are partnering with Lakewood School, the Environmental Education program and Community Recreation and Education Department on this project. Special thanks to Rick O'Neill, Sara Aeschbach, Nannette Kwiatek and Dave Szczygiel. Also, thanks to former BOE Trustee Kate Conway who directed staff to this grant opportunity.

Dr. George V. Fornero
Ann Arbor Public Schools


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Status Quo

* Workdays
* Water Quality Monitoring
* Invasive species
* Eagle scout projects
* Adopt a tree Program
* Ad Hoc writing-news letters etc......

* Adopt a tree program
* Long term pond management
* OHAC shoreline/ OHAC Relationship
* Miller's creek project
* Pond restoration
* TNC committee Policies & procedures
* Mission statement
* TNC/Community public relations
* Web site
* Teachers inservice
* Develop a restoration proposal
* Cleaning icy cement steps in the winter
*Use of bulletin boards in the school



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Environmental Education Consultant
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