Thurston Nature Center Committee (TNCC) Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2008


In attendance: Neal Foster, Mike Conboy, Beth Caldwell, Elsa Stuber, Colin Brooks. Guests: Scott Diersk (from J.F.New)


First, Scott Diersk from J.F.New ( discussed the Thurston Pond stormwater project that has been in the works since 2004. The goal has been to bring in more water into the pond, in an effort to improve the pondís water quality. The contract to do the work was signed in December of 2005, but various obstacles have prevented work until 2008. However, plans for work this year were presented at our meeting, including a new pipe into Thurston Pond from Antietam Drive and improvements to the existing pipe from Clague Middle School. Two new Aqua-Swirl Concentrators ( will be put in at the end of each pipe, which will clean up the water, including removing solids and hydrocarbons.


The larger Concentrator will be located at the new Antietam pipe, with a smaller one at the Clague pipe. Bores holes, with sideways drilling next to the Antietam paved walkway, will be dug for the Concentrators. The City of Ann Arbor has agreed to pay for their maintenance. Remaining funds will be used to place at least one (and possibly two) wetland areas to improve the look & ecology of the areas where the water will be coming out of the Concentrators.


Mike Conboy presented the January 22, 2008 Land Stewardís Report, which included mentions of plans for a Prairie Burn being ready for this Spring, and also a discussion point on planned small plantings of six trees (white birch, Paw Paw, flowering dogwood, sassafras, quaking aspen, and mountain ash).


Colin Brooks mentioned that the new TNCC website is partially completed at Neal Fosterís Comcast account, at & should be done by the next meeting.


Submitted by Colin Brooks, TNCC Secretary-Treasurer. Revised version.