Email Newsletter to the Thurston Nature Center mailing list June 2013

Hi Friends,

Welcome and thank you for signing up for the Thurston Nature Center (TNC) Email Newsletter and being Friends of the Thurston Nature Center. This year we are celebrating our 45th anniversary and there is a lot happening!

The intent of this newsletter is to highlight and provide the latest updates, and news on the many activities and events that are going on at the Thurston Nature Center. Details on much of the information can be found on our Website and Facebook page:

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The following is a list of some but by all means not all of the activities going on at the Thurston Nature Center.
Want to add to the list? If you have some ideas, want to join-up but don’t know where or how to start, contact outreach coordinator Frank Commiskey at 369-0992 or - we would love to hear from you and we welcome all.
Thank you!

Rescuing and Enjoying our Trees

1.   Interested in adopting a tree (Adopt-A-Tree)
– we are always looking for more individuals and families to take care of one of the many trees that are in need of love and attention - - great opportunity to get “hands on” experience with nature and a “real living monument” - - contact either Mike Conboy 665-4027 or Frank Commiskey 369-0992

2.  Check out our Tree Pals Program -  - a fun way for children and families to get involved and learn
more about trees, seasons and also photography.

3.   Want to help with our new and improved Tree Labels – contact  Emily Eisbruch
() and
visit our website

4.   Get rid of the horrible invasive Buckthorn and all those vines choking and starving our trees  -  we are always looking for folks that want to help rescue our beautiful trees – try out our new
“EXTRACTIGATOR” – contact either Frank Commiskey () 369-0992 or Mike Conboy 665-4027 –  also check out the video at

Restoring our Pond

1.   HELP - Restoration ideas and plans are being drafted to help restore the Thurston Pond - we are looking for experienced engineers and interested  university students in the area of  hydraulic/environmental engineering,  in storm-water retention and detention, and wetland  restoration and enhancement – please contact either Colin Brooks (TNC Committee
Chairperson) at or Frank Commiskey at (369-0992) – check out our website

2.   Can’t see the pond……yikes it is the ultimate invasive PHRAGMITES – plans are being made to control this monster and ultimately get rid of it –want to learn more - check out  and

Special Brush Cleanup Day

-Join  us on Saturday, June 29 ( 9AM – 3PM)- along Prairie Street,
between the Nature Center Prairie and Prairie Court on Prairie St. - for a Brush Cleanup Party – for more information check out our website at - a big thanks to Jim Vallem and Boy Scout Troop 4

New Signs

1.  Are you new to the Thurston Nature Center or getting lost – thanks to Jim Vallem we are getting new tail signs – check them out

2.  We have some painters for our existing Thurston Nature Center signs – nice summer project - if you see them working away say hello
to Osip, Miguel, and Anik – Thank you

3.   New Thurston Nature Center sign – looking for help to construct and place a new TNC sign on the south side, facing the Thurston Elementary School -
contact Frank Commiskey at (369-0992)

Thurston Elementary School Vegetable Garden

-Looking to get involved with the school, how about a vegetable garden – we have already started a small pumpkin patch for Mrs.
Anderson’s kindergarten class and this week we will be extending it (thanks to Bill Phillips, Armando Reyes, Maisha Ostergren, Joet Reoma and Jessica Anderson) –
we will be building some raised beds - need more volunteers – if interested contact Maisha Ostergren () or Frank Commiskey at (369-0992)

For more Info on the Thurston Nature Center, please see:

-Brief Fact Sheet at

-History and Tradition Info at

-Or visit us at: