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Thurston Nature Center News of April 1 , 2014

Greetings - Thurston Nature Center Neighbors and Friends

Thank you once again for being a special “Friend of The Thurston Nature Center” and helping us to continue to preserve and conserve the Thurston Nature Center (TNC) as an outdoor laboratory and classroom for all generations to use and enjoy.

Participation by volunteers in the countless daily tasks required to maintain the many ecosystems at the TNC as well as to provide a platform for teaching students at our local AAPS schools is very much appreciated.

2014 marks the 46th year since our TNC was designated by the Ann Arbor Board of Education as an area that must be “preserved for outdoor and conservation education”.  The integration of what is taught in science curriculums  inside the AAPS classrooms with experiential education in the out-of-doors has proven to be an indispensable part of our historical success in creating outstanding students each year.

In addition, the local community has had the benefit of over 20 acres of “nature” they can enjoy and use for a number of various activities. For example, many of us witnessed the joy of all the skaters on the pond this past winter!

The question that resonates is: How much longer can we retain this DNR dedicated Conservation Education Reserve? We are currently being confronted with the largest ecosystem restoration project since the foundation of the TNC and we need your help to save the “Thurston Pond”

Our ability to initiate, let alone achieve the goals of the “Thurston Pond and Wetland Restoration Project” will test our love and desire to retain this APPS property as a Nature Center for the students as well as for our local community and city. Every little bit will help!

“Save the Pond” fundraising activities will start in April. If you would like to help in the campaign to raise money for this project and/or would like to contribute please contact (Praveena Ramaswani at ) and/or (Frank Commiskey at )


Important dates and events coming up at the TNC


o   Thursday April 3rd  – 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the Thurston Elementary School-Library

o   All invited + Perfect opportunity to meet folks in the community and  neighbors that share a common love and bond with the TNC + We need your input (i.e. feedback, ideas, suggestions, new opportunities, etc…..) - get involved in our discussions…

v EARTH DAY and WEEK - (April 21st – April 27th)

o   Thurston Elementary School will celebrate Earth Week (April 21st thru 25th) at the TNC. Each class has an activity – we could use some help and volunteers to work with the students – if interested just contact (Frank Commiskey at )

o   TNC – Community Spring Work Days on April 26th and 27th

§  Saturday - April 26th - 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

§  SundayApril 27th - 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

For more details you can always check the Thurston Nature Center website at and Thurston Nature Center on Facebook at